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Tomahawk Productions

We are a group of passionate activists, grouping our strengths and energies in order to promote young Breton artists and their projects. We aim to provide logistic support, administrative help, advice on touring, management and strategy and, of course, the benefit of our collective experience to launch budding musicians and enhance their chances of national success. Ours is a long-term mission with the accent on individuality. Our artists are not shackled to us by contracts: we prefer to consider ourselves as a type of springboard - a gateway towards the relevant professionals in the music business. Because of the huge diversity of our artistic projects, we need to consider tailor-made strategies so that each and every musician gets the very best possibilities.

Where touring is concerned, there's no hard-and-fast rule of thumb. Individual needs and desiderata must always be paramount. With our regularly updated databank, we at Tomahawk have the potential to put artists in touch with over 2200 contacts on the current music scene. Furthermore, we undertake to see to the administrative side of things, from contracts to salary slips, as well as a hotline from 8:30am to 6pm, 6 days a week. Management is a key concern, of course, and we combine competence with wide experience in the field. Budding artists need ample opportunities to perform and gain experience, so we offer them custom-built concert sessions that are free to spectators, under the Tomahawk label.