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Tail Crush Records

Seasoned musician who scoured the scene during the 80s and 90s , Franck Faye was flying Tail Crush, rock label viciously "garage" . Tail Crush is a song of New Bomb Turks appeared on the album Destroy Oh Boy released by Crypt Records in 1993. That sums up the spirit , tone, energy and explosiveness of a label that does not let it go .

Artistic proposal Tail Crush timely. With the comeback of the 90s, those allowed Franck Faye flourish, Tail Crush is positioned as the new provider devil's music , wild, cruel human and organic.

Since the public rejects the CD medium, Tail Crush can edit with confidence vinyl in all formats . Vinyl is the medium best suited to the music he défend.Sans overlook the digital to allow access to all productions Tail Crush.

Tail Crush offers 45s, albums, maxi, ep , splits to defend a musical aesthetic identity and marked assumed. Put your glasses Tail Crush you actually see all the colors .

Patrick Foulhoux