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Schnitz Productions

In 1990, the association Schnitz born with the release of the first 45s of Excelsiors, local group rock'n'rollien mythical 80/90 (Who never pogoté on "Gueule Ouverte " or kiss his girlfriend on "Midnight Train"?). On their side there found the terrible Suppositories of Love (Agnes Wonderland and Big Fred, La Neige) and No Teknik (Coco, Les Wad Billys).
A few years later "the Schnitz" Vine Street St Avold settled in Metz in an old recording studio. Which later became the local official of the association.
It crossed What's Up Doc? which will Adok (Dan Sneed), but also: Zeze Mago Skaferlatine (Ralph,
The Wad-Billys), Les Hems, The Patrick Henry, Hollywood Vixens, The Spheres, Dr. Wilmouth, Radikal Roots, Speedy Schneck and slugs and many others ...
2011, Schnitz Productions is: a dozen organized galas to Metz and Nancy (Les Trinitaires, Marc Sangnier JC, Braun Hall ...) and made ​​many albums including the latest "Baaad Woman" of Wad-Billys.