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Scherzo concerts et production

Scherzo agency: Label, Publisher, live shows, productions and tour organisation
For over 18 years now, we’ve been producing national and international tours for exclusive SCHERZO Concerts and Production artists and, today, represent Daran (French pop rock), Molécule*G (French electro), Fanfare P4 (Balkans music), Wil Campa (Cuban Salsa), Louis Ville (French Rock) Doble Filo and Nacional Electronica (Cuban hip hop and electro)… …

We also support the relevance, quality and originality of a number of projects (music, dance and theatre), and help promote new development and distribution strategies, primarily within the framework of international trade.

Catalogue publisher
Publishers of a catalogue of over 300 songs, film themes and commercials with a national and international reach.
We are a “professional member” of SACEM

We are the creators of a federation (EIFEIL) who aggregate labels and publishers independent of Paris and Suburbs.