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Patch Work Production

"More than just a Label..."

Head office located in Messein [54] / Premises and Studio in Mondragon [84]

Patch Work Production is an independent structure created in Jan. 2007. Based in Eastern France, it works in close collaboration with many structures and artists, in France and internationally.

The main goal of the founder is to accompany bands as eclectic in their styles as possible so as to offer the public and its partners the widest choice in their catalogue.

Distribution and communication via Internet and the new technologies is a central priority.

Far from the majors, Patch Work Production is attached to the specific demands of the bands in their network. Each artist benefiting from a particular attention.

Patch Work Production work in partnership and complementarity with their artists without necessarily having exclusivity of their rights.

Patch Work Prod. always head further in independence and in their own craftsmanship label approach in offering you all of their catalogue at rock-bottom price !

The alternative scene needs you so don't you change anything and keeps Live music Alive !

See you soon,

The Patch Work Production team.