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Mad Ducks Records

Mad Ducks Records was established in 2000 to promote the release of 4Element's first album. After being dormant for almost 8 years, Mad Ducks Records was released into the wilderness of the music world.

The technological advances of the last 8 years, especially the internet and the recording tools, are astonishing! At the genesis of Mad Ducks Records, the recording studio wasn't as portable and the world wasn't as connected as today! With those advances, the music world is awaiting the next step in its development and we believe that independence and creativity is the future. Artists are looking for that independence outside the system that has been in place for the past 40 years. The mission is no longer the millions of dollars or euros stuffed in the stockholders pockets. That should have never been the mission! The goal is to provide fresh and exciting music from artists who keep growing.

Independence needs guts and... yes, money. The idea is to use the new technologies available to musicians to make them independent from the big industrial media machine; to be in control of their own destiny and to be free to be creative. With the artists they support, Mad Ducks Records will keep growing and growing. To reach that goal, they need you! Everyone united for this music revolution!