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Les Disques de Lily

The label produces and spread the music of artists not really known by the public jazz. For example, the artists of the catalog were known as sidemen while practicing as leader for ten years: they signed their first album with Les Disques de Lily.
These artists interested the label for their human and artistic qualities, the passion that they dedicate to their art, their implication in the project, their works with their peers.
The label favors the spontaneity of the recording to reflect on disk the craze that can have a concert of jazz or improvised music (that we re-consider rather logically as music "lived" for the listener. In a general way, musics that label is producing make dance as well the feet as the head.
The artists of the label benefit of a good cover press from part the closeness of her producer, Lily Sphère, with the specialized world and of its journalistic activity in the past. Lily Sphère supplies all the help necessary for the artists for their broadcasting, concerts, events, productions, recordings.
Finally, The label promotes a cd record every 18 months and dedicates itself to it completely. He organizes events for the promotion of his artists: cd release, participation in the artists’ residences and participation in the competitions.