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Kicking Records

KICKING RECORDS is a french indie music label born in 2006. Releases are discs from bands like SIMON CHAINSAW (AUS), COOPER (NL), G.A.S. DRUMMERS (SP), MOTHER SUPERIOR (US), KEVIN K (US), HATEFUL MONDAY (CH), THE JOYSTIX (HU), or french guys like UNCOMMONMENFROMMARS, DEAD POP CLUB, The HOP LA!, GREEDY GUTS, The BLACK ZOMBIE PROCESSION, FLYING DONUTS, HELLBATS, GENERIC, BILLY GAZ STATION, The LAST BRIGADE, X-TV, BILLY THE KILL, TEENAGE RENEGADE, BLACK CITY BABIES, PEGAZIO... . Cds, LPs and Eps are distributed in France by Anticraft, in Spain by K-Industria, in Deutchland by New Music Distribution and in Benelux by Sonic RDV. And there is so much more on the HYPERLINK "" Kicking Records website ... Thanx for visiting us.