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Jarring Effects Label

Well known for its talented bands (High Tone, Ez3kiel), recognized as the leading French dub scene, J-FX offers a wide range of music, from wild electronica, abstract hip hop, post rock, video and musical experimentation, and dub of course.

In the beginning, in 1993, it's an association composed by artist, musicians, scene performers, sound engineers, graphists, video producers, all linked by the willing to develop artistic expression, on an innovative and out of boundaries way. From a cellar, used as production office, recording studio, rehearsal place sometimes all at the same time, J-FX activists started various activities: Record production, label, booking, festival production (Riddim Collision, yearly in Lyon), underground "consulting", sound and multimedia studio, and public information and resources centre.

Today, the label offers 91 references, the Riddim Collision reached its 11th edition, an European tour had been organized in summer 2005 (Lyon Calling Tour = High Tone + Le Peuple de l'Herbe + Mei Tei Sho) and the studio is getting bigger. Even if it was a component since the beginning, numeric arts linked to music and visual creations are spreading out in our productions. At the same time, J-FX continues to believe in vinyls for most of its productions, and exploring new distribution networks, by the independent labels federation (On line store for Indies, 100 labels today)