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Irfan (le label) was born in April 2001, under the impulse of Les Ogres de Barback, thus taking over the association that until then was in charge of their self-production. Back then, the visceral need for independence and total freedom of the Burguière siblings imposed them to turn their backs on a traditional course in which they felt they didn’t belong.
Consequently, Les Ogres engaged in the exciting yet delicate adventure of creating of a label, and took over the distribution of their records. Here is one of the most striking features of the young label: at the price of a hard work constituting a network, it carries out the distribution of its own productions, thus removing the last intermediary between the artist and the listener.
And while at first only producing Les Ogres’ albums, Irfan (le label) slowly opened, as of 2003, to the distribution of friends’ bands or emerging artists, while still keeping up to their choice of not overfilling their catalogue in order to be able to work on each album like a meticulous craftsman. Now set, with many cultural associations, in a castle in Ardèche, the structure distributes albums of bands such as La Ruda, Les Fils de Teuhpu, Rageous Gratoons, Les Barbarins Fourchus, Semtazone, Les Assoiffés, La Petite Compagnie, La Fanfare du Belgistan, Electric Bazar Cie, Jules, La République du Sauvage, Les Chevals and recently Marcel Kanche. [The collective project Un Air, Deux Familles, with Les Hurlements d’Léo, released as a live album and DVD of their European tour, is the first non exclusively Ogresque record to be produced and distributed by the label. The only other one, to this day, is the album of La Fanfare du Belgistan].
Since 2001, close to 450 000 albums have been sold throughout France by means of a very dense network of record shops, as well as in Switzerland, Belgium and Canada. Slowly, Irfan (le label) has made its little place in this world of industrial giants, without losing sight of its original line of conduct. The bet was carried out against all odds.