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I.O.T Records

I.O.T for IN OUT THRU... Label of electronic music based in Marseille. For 4 years the label and the musicians with whom I.O.T collaborates try to spread an electronic music so diverse as authentic. From the hip-hop to électro, to break beat to techno, the musical eclecticism is a value important for the label. Of this fact of numerous collaborations are born with artists from different soundscape... ENJOY THE ECLECTIC MUSIC FACTORY!

Up to you to listen, to read and see, it seems to us to be the best way of presenting you the label ...
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Musicians on board :
Abraxxxas/Arok/Babylone Joke/Faudjay/Funny Ox/Loan/Midi link/Moshpit/Noisyka/Tetaar

Atomik dog, Audiovoid, Apacitron, Arobass, Ascender, Beegood, Bradelectro, Caterva, Cosmik connection, C-Klone, Crystal Distortion, Cyberskum, Dan hekate, DJ l'Iguane, Freaks Friendly, H2C, Ikooko, Knoise, Kronik spasme, Lamp Fall, Liebling Trucks, Les Trolls, Maelstrom, Marianimal, Mem pamal, Mentalo, Motif_R, Mylis, Otisto 23, Pushy !, Pongoid, Probe 1, Ramide, Rimshot, Spukkin Faceship, Synkro, Tahity Bob, Understax, Welder, Wyl RCA,