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Gatos Negros Prod

“Gatos Negros Prod” is a cultural association interested in all areas of cultural expression, contemporary or traditional. Currently, we are focusing on music, in particular in recording and producing independent artists, accompanying new artists, organizing concerts, and offering musical initiation workshops as well as social justice work. It is within this context that our label was born.

As starting point we want to focus our work on cultural exchanges specifically between France and Colombia and generally between Latin America and Europe and then expand to the world. Thus, we want to establish infrastructures in France and Colombia.

  • The music

Since 2009, the association has been working on a musical project that serves as a bridge between the two countries: “Cumbia Rockers Allstars”, a fusion of cumbia and contemporary music. The first EP was released October 2010; a vinyl remix was just released in 2012 and a new album is currently under preparation.

“Gatos Negros Prod” produced and distributed the first six song album called “Saliendo” of the franco-colombian group “Kombo Clan Destino”, which was released in July 2007, and organized a tour of the group in Colombia and France in 2008.
The association has also recorded musicians in France and Colombia to help them prepare their portfolios to become professional artists. During this process was born “Rompiendo Muros”, a project to compile and create hip, hop, reggae, and electro international.

  • The cultural and social justice work

“Gatos Negros Prod” participated and organized workshops for young people in Colombian and French neighborhoods to introduce them to different cultural disciplines. In fact, from 2009 to 2011, the association collaborated with the Youth Center in the City of Gentilly to accompany youth from the neighborhood to create a rap group in all the stages of creation including composition, recording, and performance.

In 2007, “Gatos Negros Prod” organized a DJ and writing workshop at the MJQ de Malakoff with the support of “L’Ecole des Musiques Tangeantes”.

In 2006 it conducted introductory trapeze workshops in Bogota.

Since 2005, the association co-finances and participates in the project “Sur del Cielo” in the San Luis neighborhood (Bogota, Colombia) through which disenfranchised youth use music to re-establish a relationship with society by learning to express themselves and work collectively.

  • Organization of events and cultural expressions

The association has coordinated and participated in many events such as “Latin Beat” evenings, presentations of Cumbia Rockers Allstars in 2011; the presentation of Kombo Clan Destino” in 2008; the block party of three communities (Malakoff, Paris, Vanves) in 2998 and 2009, and the “technoparde” in 2007 and 2003.

Both in France and in Colombia, the goal of Gatos Negros Production is to allow the expression of talent and to support collective or individual projects to develop cultural exchanges.