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Expressillon is a seven years old enthusiastic electronic label, based in Paris, which proposes artists who discover and arrange sounds with unsuspected psycho acoustical effects to diffuse the result of their sonorous experiences.

Expressillon's involvement in underground electronic music has first led to the development of D.J. orientated vinyl subdivisions - Le Perce~Oreille, Le Passe~Muraille , Cosmetic Music and a dub-techno sublabel "Dub-Technic" - as well as many co-productions with various artists or posses. (see record catalogue).

Whereas each division looked after its own vinyl releases, Expressillon started to handle CD releases as well as special projects on vinyl in 2000 with various international artists. It has been a very open collaboration that has led to recordings that have created a world that explores dub, electro, techno, breakbeat, industrial tech., and group improvisation.
The year 2002 saw the debut of the Chip-Jockey cd collection, the packaged results of chip-jockey driven interstellar space cruises.(see record catalogue)

Our future? it all depends on your support, thanks for reading, now please listen............

Expressillon stays open to all artists and in a permanent evolution...
Be aware !