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Les Disques de Plomb

The records era is over !!??

So much the better, it has become, in the hands of multinational majors, a poor infinitely reproducible plastic disc. Finally, nothing more than a binary code engraved on a material support. Such as it is, its dissolution into the immaterial space of the Internet is only natural and inevitable.

Fortunately, many independent labels courageously persist. For the record crisis may well mean its salvation, the moment of its de-industrialisation, the end of its excessive merchandization. The dispatching of its production towards multiple small structures is a real chance. The lowering of economical stakes reduce the risks and allow more creativity and diversity. Just like books, obsolete technology, records has got a place of its own in the cultural landscape of today and we must defend it. It is time to bring the real values of records : art object, symbol for the buyer of their will to support artists, a militant, active object and not a passive consumption object any more, the mark of a multiple-source patronage, the reflection of a common will, the artist's and the buyer's.

Music is art, making records is craftsmanship.

In this approach, we have created the label « Les Disques de Plomb ». Not limited in terms of musical style, we rely on the internet and independent distribution networks to allow a support for music and artists via the making of record.

Records are dead ? Long live records !

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