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CosmXploreR is an independent associative non-profit record label dedicated to progressive electronic music.

Founded in 2012 our goals are to promote the progressive electronic music and to develop collaborations between electronic and classical musicians, while remaining in phase with our time without necessarily following fashion orientations.

CosmXploreR develops its activities in two ways:

1 / Record production
CosmXploreR works with all artists that share a passion for synthesizers especially AstroVoyager and Destillat. CosmXploreR also forges links electronic with classical artists such as Travelling Quartet, Ensemble Tetraktys, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Prague…

Distribution of our records is entrusted to our partners MuseaRecords & CD1D.

2 / Show production
CosmXploreR produces audio-visual shows, from indoor to outdoor pyro-musical shows, with packages ranging from a few musicians to the total interaction between electronic musicians and a full philharmonic orchestra.

Our ambition is to take you to discover new and exciting musical universes filled with intense sonic and visual emotions.