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Bruits de fond

The label has been created in 2001, named after infamous Don Delillo's french titled novel « White noise ». Its aim was simple : giving an existence to « dead » releases, forgotten recordings and longtime awaited projects. Hardcore techno french black sheep Aphasia has been the first to propose his « Deadtrax » on Bruits de Fond. Then Saoulaterre side project with singer Ann'So and Seal Phüric's unreleased works have followed on the beginning catalog, alongside avant-garde hard/electro/core mixes from some of the best underground dj's in Europe (Saxenhammer, Joker, Leekid...).

In 2007, Bruits de Fond reaches a new level with the first release on vinyl. This Cyanide / Iso Brown split E.P. sounds like what Bruits de Fond is known for : experimental breaks versus catchy electro. 2009. Bruits de Fond is now opened to any musical project that sounds unformated to us. Solar Skeletons 'minimal industrial hypnotic doom blues-waves' on LP follow heavy industrial techno by Aphasia. And the next adventures could be different again with two new mixes : old school electro trip by Leekid and weird ambient selection by Bobe Van Jezu. In the meantime, a new sublabel is on the way : Resistance des Matériaux is its name. It should be the place for all experimentations Aphasia is doing under his new alias : Revolutions Per Minute. You like mighty noise ? You won't be disappointed !