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BOOSTER is the trademark dealing with artists published by WTPL Music benefiting from a masters production or management.

It also allows the structure to develop the commercialisations of the masters on download platforms and licences in France and abroad. It also contributes to facilitate the work on tracks synchronisation in full-length movies, commercials, multimedia, video games, TV series, etc...

Officially launched in 2005, this year was mainly a production year.

The projects have already got their own reputation : Le Ministère des Affaires Populaires, Axiom, Kayans, Obdurate, Unswabbed...

We started 2007 with distribution partnerships with PIAS for France, Bang! for Belgium, Lugeon for Switzerland and Outside Music for Canada from Feb 2008. The M.A.P. album was released in Japan early March 2008.

The will is to create a transparent and virtuous circle with artists and make it all the more active as projects, results ans opportunities appear.

All of our artists are available on the Internet via legal downloading platforms (iTunes, 121 Music Store, Lazzy Store,, ViginMega, Nokia, Orange, eCompil, Tiscali Music,, etc...)