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Banzaï Lab

Banzaï Lab is an electro / modern music Record Company from Bordeaux.
We defend and develop innovative musical aesthetics by the sound recording production, the promotion and the distribution of emergent artists and their music. We also produce concerts in the region Aquitaine and we organize tours in France, in Europe and in the world.

The actions of the label are governed by a will of competition, innovation and a spirit of discovery to exceed certain cleavages between classical musics, world musics, and the improvised and electronic musics. This state of mind becomes famous for the representation within musicians' label having a very varied approach and without border of the musical aesthetics.

Since the end of 2007, with United Fools (Jazz / Hip-hop / World music / Drum’n bass), Senbeï (Trip-hop / Down tempo), Feldub (Dub / Electro / Roots) and Ital Ray Birth (Trip-hop / Dub / Jungle): 4 albums were already produced, as well as 2 compilations distributed to the professionals and offered during the Banzaï Lab parties.