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Alone Prod

Created in 2006, Alone Prod is a French label dedicated to alternative musics, post-punk, death rock and batcave. Created at the beginning to support Jacquy Bitch’s productions, the label works now to promote a bunch of new bands from north France.
Alone Prod also runs a small distribution marketplace and is involved in show’s promotion and several samplers worldwide.
The lead artist, Jacquy Bitch, from Saint-Quentin, is touring since 1991 all over Europe, in small venues as well as in national and international festivals.
Signed up artists : Jacquy Bitch, Neva, The Brotherhood of Pagans, Cheshire cat (the bouncing).
Booking & management : Jacquy Bitch, The Brotherhood of Pagans, Cheshire cat (the bouncing), Chrysalis Morass & Popoï Sdioh.