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Adjololo System

Adjololo System :

Artistic support and development.

Record production and co-production.

Management of a place of creation, recording and housing.

Specialized in the management and co-production of international and national artists, the association Adjololo System has been running since 2007 a place of creation and artistic production, designed to answer the growing requests made by professional or amateur artists who look for alternative solutions to their development. Totally independent and reminding of the 70's Motown concept, Adjololo System is run by a musicians and artists cooperative.

Located in Nantes and Angers, the site includes 2 recording studios, a residence room designed to welcome street show companies or to organize promotion concerts. Accommodations are also at artists' disposal.

The artists in the catalog: AKEÏKOI (afro rock), TERAKAFT (rock from the desert) IRSHAD ALI (Sufi trance), THOM (French songs), IOM with the freaky men (vintage rock), SEGUN OLA (afro beat),YATIENE (traditional Senoufo).
The albums with a reference number by Adjololo System: AKEÏKOI " Binkafô", AKEÏKOI "Sénoufo", IOM "Radio". IOM with the freaky men "4 titres".
The re-issued albums with a reference number by Adjololo System: CALINE GEORGETTE, "des clous" (rock), CALINE GEORGETTE & JIMI HOPE "tôt ou tard" (afro rock), YELEMBA D'ABIDJAN, "premier album" (traditional Ivorian).

Label correspondent: Vincent Livenais :
Tel : 06-63-71-59-96
Technical correspondent: Antoine Livenais :
Tel : 06-14-69-15-03
Site :

They have recorded since 2008:
Térakaft, Paco Koné, Akeïkoi, La Ruda, Iom with the freaky men, Température, Mundi colors, Persiani Trio, Zenzilé, Tinariwen, Nadim Bou Khalil, Nouvel R, Ré-verbe, Jaouen and the Rouflakets, Des lions pour des lions. Segun Ola, Ma Valise, Hatebonz, Kiran Alhuwalia and Justin Adams, Lacasabancale, Chiendent, Holding Sand, Under The Abyss, Abysse, Oncle Strongle, Sarah Connors, Benouse, Noshad-Nishad Aly & Party, Mamadou Hopkins, Smokin Dynamite, Les Carillonneurs