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Beltuner was funded in Paris in 2001. Rapidly, the cohesion is amazing and the concerts by the four-piece become genuine huge events. Beltuner is today the avant-garde of the new music in France like gypsy swing or Parisian musette, bringing new freshness, energy and a colour, miraculously perpetuating and re-inventing a spirit that has always been dear to all our hearts.

Beltuner is above all a stage formation, their concerts (lasting sometimes for 6 hours !), the body frenzy and the variety of feelings they trigger are the best witnesses of the fact. Their sincerity, complicity and urge to share a unique moment with the public make each one of their concerts, and tracks a whole new adventure.

Remarked by ICI Label and Narguilé Productions, 2 independent labels, the band release in April 2005 their 1st album. It immediately teases the curiosity of many thanks to the « live » recording of its tracks, beautifully rendering the energy, virtuosity and complicity of the musicians. The album will be a perfect launcher for the band who will very soon start touring throughout France and abroad.

Where is it ?

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23 rue de la Grange aux Belles
75010 Paris