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Uzul Prod

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Suppose you had been the machine man among Lyon-based Dub band Kalylivedub for 10 years and more recently among collective Hybrid Sound System, relentlessly chaining studio sessions and all kinds of concert venues, you would most likely be more than content with it.

But such is not the case for Stéphane aka Uzul, insatiable and renowned hyperactive experimentalist ; from 2004 he starts composing the album ''Travelling Without Moving'' - solo project where he confronts styles and lets his need for travelling and attachment to traditional musics express freely.

The human adventure being inseparable from the artistic one, he quickly offers the musicians he gradually meets to play on his tracks. Tit'o, guitarist of Picore, was one of the first ; his atmospheric guitar playing combining perfectly with the heavy tribal beats created by Uzul, he then offers him to play on many tracks and to join him on stage where an emblematic live video creation (performed by Nico Tico from XLR project) brings the final touch to the newly created Uzul prod.

Together they visit indus trip hop universes where massive bass melt with dreamlike guitars and incantatory ethnic vocals. In the vein of Scorn or Techno Animal, their dub, hip hop and break-beat rhythms join the instruments and traditional vocals from the Middle East, Asia and The Eastern Countries as well as cold and noise guitars.