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Septanbre is a french solo artist, navigating between several musical genres.

As an amateur of rock music, trip hop or even folk, he mixes these influences to create his own sound, full of ideas and tinged with melancholy.

After several years playing in a rock band with over 40 live gigs all over France, an EP released by Believe Digital and two music videos hitting 100 000 views on Youtube, he decided to start a solo project.

It all started in October 2010 following an audition at the Academy Of Music of Lyon (France). They liked the music and then decided to help the project through practice and shows.

The first gig took place a few weeks later. The backline is very simple : a voice, a guitar and a sampler. The research of deep feelings from a simple and constructed sound becomes little by little the baseline of the project.

After a few dozen gigs performed between 2010 and 2011, Septanbre releases his first self-produced EP called “Digital Tale”, available in free download on since February 2012. Some tracks are also available on and

As a rock music fan, Septanbre covered the song “Coma White” (originally written by Marilyn Manson) making it a downtempo version, according to his very own style.