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Loan is an activist from the electronic music French scene, an urban dancefloor warrior that has, for the past 10 years, given birth to many high-sounding amulets, in France and abroad.

After earning her spurs in the free tekno community, which allowed boldness back at the time, she releases her first tracks on her own label called Sub-Radar, but also on 2B Delighted, War Rec, and Audiotrix Rec., label of the famous Spiral Tribe.

She regularly goes back to West Africa where she collaborates, records and produces tracks with the hip hop and reggae scenes, working with Da Brains, Noni None and Naby Condé.
In 2006, Loan meets up with the project "African Expedisound" and the IOT records team. She ends up working on many of their compilations, such as the CD album + comics "Future Exposed" or the DVD album + documentary "Mongolia Expedisound".

Meanwhile, Loan joins the label DTC records and starts throwing gigs for an experimental and collaborative live with Otisto 23. Their music sails on an unexpected breakbeat, plays on awkward off beats and measures, and they themselves describe it as "anti easy dance floor" music.

Leaning toward new perspectives with the band Duoud, a duet formed by Mehdi Hddab and Samdj, Loan creates, in the style of a cinema + live music performance, a soundtrack for the movie "Lost World" directed by Harry O Hoyt and Willis O'Brien and released in 1925. From this project, a music mixing ambient and Oriental music came up.

During the year 2007, Loan settles in the beautiful area of Goa (India) and its beautiful beaches, where she joins up with the project "Arambol Experience". This is where she meets for the first time Sanjoat, an Indian singer originating from Goa. Loan and Sanjoat decide to record a few electro and breakbeat tracks, and throw a few gigs in the Arambol Village. A DVD now shows the details of the project, it was released on Ozore Age/PIAS.

Back to Europe, and through the label DTC, she comes in contact with the famous jazzman Laurent de Wilde who had already started exploring the twists and turns of electronic music with Otisto 23. Loan takes part in their first album "PC Pieces", especially on the track "Peace and the Hump". A few months later, she's back on their remix album called "PC Pieces Remixed by Friends".

In the interim, Loan has multiplied her live sets all around the world: artistic squats in Berlin to the famous Rex club in Paris...but also the Batofar, the Glaz'Art, or even the Java (the oldest dancing in Paris, opened in 1923)... at the Café Julien, and all the other venues in the contemporary art centre of Lyon.... In the Nautilus in Bordeaux...In Spanish festivals...In Poland, in Italy, in India, in the Reunion... etc.

So many exciting adventures condensed today in Loan's brand new album released in April 2009: "Grigri Breakers", reflecting her clear soul and fertile creativity.