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The John Venture

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"The John Venture enterprise is based on Angil (supported by his band, The Hiddentracks) and 4-piece band B R OAD WAY (1 turntablist + 1 keyboard & machines player + 1 singer + 1 VJ), based in Saint-Etienne, France. These neighbours/friends all joined in a common will and (sharp) taste to confront their respective universe in an original musical performance at art research center La Fabrique and then to collaborate in a sudio. When Angil's fragile folk meets B R OAD WAY's deviant electro, you're in for a tough ride\" ARTE \"'For an experimental and entrancing vision' could be the motto of their encounter. The offspring frolics between erudite dreaming and melodic hip hop, not so far from their US penpals at Anticon."