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Quartet Isotop was founded in 1996, after its musicians' encounter at the Jazz Department of Conservatory of Nice, where they acquire a strong theoretic and instrumental practice ; and are already remarked as free electrons.

Firstly Jazz-rock orientated, the band's style has evolved significantly until today. To the energy of improvisation is added the Jazz tradition, a stage experience, electro elements (samples, vocals, treatment on acoustic instruments) as well as world influences (Flamenco, Brazilian, Oriental, Dub-Ragga, Drum 'n Bass, Celtic, Hip-Hop, House...).

Just like a chameleon can change its colour according to its environment, Isotop take the best in today's musics to make it their own and transform it into something new. Thus a particular alchemy is obtained between a cosmopolitan side giving each composition its own identity and a singular and recognisable band sound, giving the whole its final coherence. Instead of trying to fit a conventional electro-jazz mould, Isotop ambition to offer their own definition for a new sound : Electro-Fusion.