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Eleanor Shine

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La Maison
(This label has 10 releases)

Appearances can be deceptive. Underneath those of a violinist, Eleanor Shine hid a wolf able to make short work of her once tamed violins! Using what she calls her “toys”, she can transform, multiply and create the shade of the most luminous violin. And with this wooden sound box, just like Pandora’s box did, Eleanor Shine lets the magic and words give rise to a total phantasmagory. She’s never alone for too long on stage.

Be it a young project, it is already unapologetic as we have a Jeanne behind it all who is used to overrun the borders. She devoted herself first to a wide range of genres : rock songs with Daïoul, nervous and dense electro with Red Fish Dub Syndrom, more traditional approach with Amaavas or with a multimedia and interactive work with Super Castlevania Quartet. After so many collective experiences, it is no wonder the solo project Eleanor Shine is such a place of intimacy made of a touching disturbing sincerity.