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Dont Worry Be Angrry

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! a N G R r !
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• • • Welcome to our BOOK—VINYL collection—passion • • •
Dont Worry Be Angrry «Various Arghtists...»

A N G E R... This intense and deep inside feeling that drains each of us, this indescribable need to liberate —somehow or other— our frustrating impotence to face this... our society which is sinking a little more each day to proud and pretentious reckless.
So well, it's precisely of this liberating need (just to relieve the pain even if the wound is still openwide...) we speak of here.
This BOOK—VINYL adventure is just the unforeseen mixing of a handful of «various arghtists» from differents horizons. Their tools are from music to noise crossing by graphism, photography, writing, painting, collage (...).
Resolutely eclectic, here each women & men has her/his own word to say. Some whisper. Others scream. But all express themselves without taboo nor pressure.
Be at ease, good people, here there's nothing neither subversive nor revolutionnary. No, the only hope of this singular object is to satisfy —even just for a moment— our (ever growing) appetite for freedom, fuck boredom !
• We don't wanna change the world. We just wanna that the world changes.
• Hasta la Victoria... Abril !