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Claudine Muno and The Luna Boots

Claudine Muno is a Luxembourgian author, musician, and music teacher.

Claudine Muno spent her childhood in southern Luxembourg town of Pétange and finished secondary school with a diploma in modern languages, literature, and Latin. She received an undergraduate degree in History at the University of Strasbourg, France, where she wrote a dissertation on Luxembourgish film: Peur de l'oubli - Peur de l'autre. Les films et documentaires luxembourgeois ayant pour sujet la Deuxième Guerre Mondiale (French: Fear of forgetting, fear of the Other. Luxembourgish films and documentaries covering the Second World War).

After graduating, she became the full-time cultural editor of the Luxembourgish weekly left/green-wing magazine woxx. As of 2007, she is teaching music in the Neie Lycée, a pilot secondary school in Luxembourg City.
In 2003 she meets the ones who will form with her the band The Luna Boots.

After releasing in Benelux in 2007 « Petites Chansons Méchantes » and second album in 2010 « Noctambul », Claudine Muno and The Luna Boots arrive in France with « Carmagnoles », 9 tracks from her last album topped with 3 singles from her début album (« Je n’aime pas les robes », « Petite chanson méchante » et « Au secours »).

Alternating Anglo-Saxon and French songs, « Carmagnoles » is cheeky though tenderly fragile collection. A woody and visceral folk/rock for intimate songs. Between Anaïs, Norah Jones or Ani Difranco.

On her début album « Petites Chansons Méchantes », the magnetic vocal duo of Claudine Muno and de Sandra Cifani would carry us through stories peopled with crazy fairies, little girls who hate wearing dresses and the strangest but the most touching of creatures.

« Carmagnoles » steps away from classic chanson française. « Egoïste Triste », « La révolution des poissons rouges » and « Avalanche » are songs that reveal very well the singer/songwriter temper of Claudine Muno. These light and dark nursery rhyme/songs brilliantly encapsulate her strange sensitivity and bewitching vocalic skills.

The main asset of Claudine Muno are definitely the richness of her lyrics and the sharp look she casts on every day life. She was also recently awarded the Luxembourg literary prize for her novel « Dat klengt Buch vun der Doudangscht».