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I.O.T Records
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Between dream and reality Arok pursues the music always in the research and the sound experiment\ hispassion drove him towards different way, at first singer of a group of fusion he 's plaing bass, the guitar then the battery(drum kit).

Then the era of the electronic music makes its entrance . A new forward-looking musical vision which gives to his music a new dimension. He leaves then to the research for new sounds and new territories, it is within the sound system tomahawk that for 5 years he goes through Europe to spread his music. Today definitively électro, his live set oscillates between tekno and breakbeat ... A musical re-creation which does not forget to be groovy. A very colored live session, pumping and determinedly festive. Arok rock dance floor, amuses and surprises, does not leave indifferent. IOTies from the very beginning, he leaves his track on all the labels which represents IOT notably on Kontakt Séries, Expedisound, Future Exposed ...