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What and Who is Al’Tarba? Al’Tarba is a young famous beatmaker, author, composer and performer.G randson of a vinyl collector. Beside Great figures of hip hop, abstract culture (Seth Gueko, Nekfeu de 1995, Swift Guad, Hugo TSR, etc…) and beatmakers (Dj Muggs, Necro) Al’Tarba made a name for himself.

The inhabitant of Toulouse uses ‘musical and vocal sampling, dark and dirty atmosphere without forgetting melody’ (, to create subtle and tactful sounds. Al’Tarba has his own universe.

Because of abstract, hip-hop custom Al’Tarba makes mostly instrumental music nevertheless he often guests his rappers’ friends and every kind of voice to append their flow on his productions. When he plays live, Dj Nixon comes to give destroy and strong scratch to blast all the audience. Laetitia Bely, a Parisian VJ took part of the project to stage the music. Al’Tarba takes us to Socalled’s abstract hiphop sliding to Blockhead’s dark Trip Hop.
A trip throughout Parisian, ‘Toulousian’ nights by an artist whose insomnia has captured his attention.