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After returning to their own solo projects for a while, the duo reforms in 2013 to present Xin, their second opus together.

Faithful to its principles, the band cultivates the confrontation between order and chaos, figurative and abstract, grotesque and melancholy, new wave and exotica, with a keen interest in strangeness. In this album, there is an abundance of surprising musical items. There are also pictures at times unseemly where the ghosts of The Cure in its The Top period are mixing with those of Jean-Jacques Perrey, Wire and Pierre Schaeffer. Unlikely conjunctions with a melting-pot of eurodance, easy listening and coldwave in the background.

Hypo & EDH are now giving a bigger place to analogic creation, while not rejecting their electronic roots. EDH scatters bass guitar - her new favourite instrument - through the album with a technique recalling the one used by ESG. EDH also plays with her voice in a new manner, pitching and un-pitching it at leisure. As for Hypo, he asked an expert in circuit-bending to create an improbable custom-made instrument for him which he is confronting with his know-how in the field of sampling. While keeping its freshness, the band gains a greater freedom and uses it largely in this new album.

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