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Xam Sa Bop


After 2 LPs released and well acclaimed (but mostly sold on concert venues), the bewitching Lyon 5-piece Meï Teï Shô finally release their highly awaited début album Xam Sa Bop. Meï Teï Shô (Japanese phenomenon characterised by a too high consumption of rice - according to their bio) finely represent their music which cleverly combines afrobeat-jungle-jazz-dub for a result both sweet and violent. Meï Teï Shô, is also an omnipresent and incomparable voice, by charismatic frontman Jean Gomis (ex Crazy Skankers) who draws his energy from the roots of Africa with Lagos, cultural capital of Nigeria homeland of Fela's afrobeat. But this voice above all invites us to an ethnic combination (lyrics in English, Wolof, Mandjak, creole...) in a quest for trance, dizziness, even dementia... These vocals do bring some magic to the whole (Jean namely took part in albums by Zenzile and Ezekiel), and perfectly find their place among the bass-drums rhythms, the subtle and strange guitar riffs, a clear and neat clarinet and a terrifically pure and at times even oppressive saxophone. A 10-track album of a high quality by a unique band whose live performances will leave you speechless. Unmissable !!

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