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Whiteline Vol. IV


The fourth installment of the Whiteline Series features another set of five exclusive tracks by five astonishing international musicians as we have here:
The Eerier Child (NL), Checkpoint 303 (TUN), Error:Response (SPA), Pechuga de Pollodiabolo (GER) and Dirk Geiger (GER).
With the Whiteline series we've always tried to promote / present a bunch of (in our humble opinion) overinteresting musicians who are able to bring a special feeling across. It's getting a little moodier this time. So just relax and enjoy what we've carved into vinyl...
The Eerier Child
Known best for their "A Blade in the Dark" this dutch act has a lot more to offer. Recently proved by their very valuable package of "The Nightmare Concert".
Sending a chill down the listeners spine along with mandatory beats has always been a trademark and so it will be here.
Checkpoint 303
"inspired by the sounds that pace the daily lives of millions of people in the middle east screeching sounds of bullets. echoing injustice..."
it's hard to find a more ambitioned act in the electronic scene today. Checkpoint 303 from Palestine / Tunisia brought their urban and slightly oriental changeling of TripHop, DnB and fieldrecordings to where it's needed. Sarajevo, Tunis, Santiago de Chile...
They have opened for Massive Attack and what not. Now they contribute to the Whiteline. Damn, we're proud...
The crystal clear sound and richness of his album "Zen" was a jaw-dropping experience. Gifted with highly evolved producer skills this spanish act takes us into the orchestrated scenery of downbeat. Did I hear someone mumbled "Amon Tobin"?
Pechuga de Pollodiabolo
You may be unfamiliar with the name and may find it hard to pronounce but here we have a rough diamond. Almost accidentally some of the most sweeping dubstepISH tracks that we've heard in quite a long time slipped out of this mans hand. We'll keep them coming and you informed, that's for sure.
Dirk Geiger
This german producer could be labeled as "if there was anything good about idm..." Detailed to the core, fantastic production and always flirting with some kind of melancholy his tracks are a pleasure for headphones. Let's see how the crispyness of a decent vinyl sound will spice this up even more.
And because "the eye listens, too" we got Magnus Bloomster to take care of a appropriate cover artwork. The nice ladys looking down from above are his creation.
Check his site to get in touch with more of his art, it's very worthy.

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A1 The Eerier Child - The Beyond03' 45"
A2 Checkpoint 303 - Wadi Nar04' 06"
A3 Error:Response - Oct 19th05' 05"
B1 Pechuga de Pollodiabolo - Einer muss ja (Rock n Roll saven)05' 21"
B2 Dirk Geiger - Zusammen05' 45"
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