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We Eat Meat


Brand new Lorenzo And The Lamas performance: the band here concentrates on creating a fascinating, imaginative and stubborn universe through thirteen tracks coming right from a sick and playful mind. Some tracks are purely improvised, obeing secret concepts; some others are aggressively mathematic, as if the animal was trying to give his music a rigor and a coherence he could find nowhere else.

The extreme handmade production (from the recording to the packaging, with two hundred different handmade jackets) underlines the Lama's will to do just what he wants without listening to anyone. Each riff, each rythme that could tend to be easy-listening is systematically sinked into a stream of approximative complexity. The Lama fights against his own music at each second, and thus rescues it from ease, from manipulation, from formalin. A free, living music: art!

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