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• • • DOUBLE EP 10” (transparent YELLOW sun) 110gr. VINYLS 33rpm • • •
The very-first ALBUM of my really-really best of the best fave czech orchestra, UZ JSME DOMA, ah !
Whole songs were initially written & performed between 1985 and 1989.
But UJD recorded them immediately early 1990 right after the «velvet revolution» that droves the «communists» out of «czechoslovakia». The group had already been active in the underground for five years. Needless to say that the band was already ultra-tight and eager to record.
The ALBUM opens with «Amen» a hymn to liberation. Its lyrics translate to : «Not just body / But spirit too / Not just fate / But hope too». Calm and solemn, this introductory moment stands as the great deceiver. It is soon trampled by the group's unstoppable rock roller coaster, the remainder of the album being filled with raw punk energy and challenging rock-in-opposition structures. The rhythmic foundations laid by the two Pavels (drummer Pavlicek and bassist Kerka) point definitely to punk but the dual saxophone lines and singer Miroslav Wanek's occasional forays into a falsetto register (as in the memorable «Soubor Opatrení») bring a quirkiness that would eventually become a trademark not only for UJD but also for the whole czech alternative/avant-rock scene...
Now you know = Open your ears & eyes = Enjoy !
— Shaggy discovery !
• Originally pressed in 1990 as full-lengh LP 12" size.
• Here for the first time as «Special Deluxe» DOUBLE EP 10" including new (covers & innersleeves) artworks from MARTIN VELISEK and MIROSLAV WANEK lyrical poems translations in french, english and polish.

• • • The digital version { .WAV } is given only with the physical purchase !
• • • First press of 1000 DOUBLE EP
• • • Manufactured, released & distributed since 2015
• • • GRr 026

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