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Un air, deux familles


For the past 20 years, Les Ogres de Barback and les Hurlements d’Léo have been defending their respective musical universes, without a hint of a concession. They have both spent the past 20 years breaking musical boundaries and opening their songs to the world. They have both spent the past 20 years on their favourite play field: a stage. Above all, for the past 20 years, they have endlessly developed new projects, at the centre of which stands what means the most to them: encounters.

Therefore, it was only natural that these two bands did more than meeting. That was the case at the end of the last century, during concerts they shared under the famous Latcho Drom big top, and it led them to the idea of prolonging the magic with no less than a tour in Europe. At the fall of 2001, they recorded a “live” album entitled Un Air, Deux Familles, on which both bands played their own songs, did high-flying covers and delivered common compositions. The massive sales of this record allowed them to finance the ensuing European tour of the next summer. Meanwhile, a series of 15 concerts – not under a big top this time – was booked in France. In every city they played, they sold-out 1500-seat venues and provoked an impressive frenzy. Requests for more shows poured in from all around France. But for both bands, this project was meant to be ephemeral, no matter how successful it was. And that is how it went. It remained an artistic adventure which marked tens of thousands of concert goers, listeners of the album and spectators of the DVD (Certified gold DVD)…

And then, lately, out of the blue, both bands started to feel the urge to play together again, and that urge won them over. They talked about it, quietly, as old friends. And that urge turned into a project, and… Un Air, Deux Familles is going to be released again, this fall, and will tour once again in 2017 !

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01 Mootari02' 59"
02 Jojo04' 12"
03 Mytho04' 05"
04 Rue du temps03' 21"
05 Grand Mère03' 43"
06 Carcarès02' 34"
07 Stari Most04' 03"
08 Rue de Paname04' 16"
09 Cirrhose03' 31"
10 La Ruelle02' 54"
11 La gare de Caen02' 02"
12 Salut à Toi08' 02"
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  • Extract


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