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"Tunis" arose from a project within the framework of the partnership with the festival FEST in Carthage and Tunis. Leafcutter John was invited for made a live in the festival with one forced there: use a sound material captured during all the duration by the festival. A sound conclusion which we find on this album built from the recording of the performance.
It is not for all that a live recording, but a real new album. It is a beautiful surprise.. Half of the titles take an approach slightly scratched with a folk or religious song. Other half presents compositions taking their source in the concrete music. These musical oppositions fit but the mixture works absolutely perfectly, every track mixs magic and dreamlike story.

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01 A Slowly Growing Beautiful06' 08"
02 Palm Reader08' 20"
03 Introdution In The Wrong Place02' 39"
04 Melime_lon05' 55"
05 Polysomnogram04' 25"
06 Interference04' 03"
07 Ohm Ymy06' 29"
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