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The Troubled Sleep Of Piano Magic


The Troubled Sleep Of Piano Magic" was recorded between Winter 2002 and Summer 2003 at The Fortress Studios in London and at the band's home studio, Murder Mile. The record was produced by the band and engineered by Robinson Hughes and Gareth Parton.
Everything was written and recorded by full-time band members Glen Johnson, Jerome Tcherneyan, Franck Alba, Alasdair Steer, James Topham with vocal contributions from honorary band member, Angele David-Guillou (David-Guillou sings with Ginger Ale, a French band signed to Virgin-France and also has her own solo project, Klima).
"The Troubled Sleep Of Piano Magic" is the perfect Winter soundtrack - all fairgrounds in snow, dark shadows on the land, icy seas. It could be their last and we'll only miss them when they've gone.

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01 Saint Marie05' 41"
02 The Unwritten Law03' 21"
03 Speed The Road, Rush The Lights07' 44"
04 Help Me Warm This Frozen Heart04' 32"
05 I Am The Teacher's Son06' 30"
06 The End Of A Dark, Tired Year05' 01"
07 The Tollbooth Martyrs05' 18"
08 When I’m Done, This Night Will Fear Me05' 06"
09 Luxembourg Gardens07' 28"
10 Comets03' 46"
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