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Travelling Without Moving


Taking the listener to a pure auditive journey from Belfast to Bénarès via Mostar and Saigon, "Travelling Without Moving" is filled with collaborations \\ with Dasha, Russian singer becoming here a cynical tourist guide through Moscow and Mc Razamike (Jigaboo, Marcel Belluci Quartet,...) for a dark vision of Belfast, just like the one with Sopot, dub formation from Bosnia Herzegovina met during the recording of their album 'Dubalkan', and Mc Carbon Copies (Picore, Spade & Archer, Led Piperz,...) who deliver their own poetic thoughts.

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01 Mostar06' 09"
02 Bucarest06' 01"
03 Belfast05' 29"
04 Benares06' 05"
05 Saigon05' 30"
06 Ketama05' 46"
07 London05' 16"
08 Moscou05' 54"
09 Bagdad11' 49"
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