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Traveller tchèque Project


CD1 - DVD Documentaire

A nice movie by Yann Richet about the free party scene and spirit around the 90's, souvenirs...


Creation of strange atmospheres, rule of sensory on the intelect, treatment of peripheral elements and melodic lines on the same plane: this is the vision of Les boucles Etranges (the strange loops), forged since the early 90's, in the choppy waters of free parties.

In another life, the duo did some pop and rock, feeling a lack of flavour. This emptiness was filled when they discovered the huge possibilities and freedom electronic hardware offers. In 16 years, the duo has made its identity sharper, illustrated by a big discography voluntarily and mainly composed of maxis vinyls (on labels: Network23, Isotope, Xpdigiflex, U238, Fantom, Subradar,HoKuspokus ,Audiolab ,BarbaraGood ,Electro Lab Factory , War


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01 Track 0112' 20"
02 Track 0210' 36"
03 Track 0307' 38"
04 Track 0412' 15"
05 Track 0510' 34"
06 Track 0606' 21"
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