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The Sleeping Camp


As a turning point in a search for darker and deeper sounds and atmospheres, this new EP is the introduction for Al'Tarba's upcoming album, "Let the ghost sing" (2014, 2nd semester).

The tracks The Sleeping Camp and Dusty Signal are presenting shady atmospheres which are going to haunt his upcoming album.

With his foggy and dreamy songs, The Sleeping Camp is putting back to the gypsies and magicians' universe. These references can be guessed by heady guitars and keyboards of the Dusty Signal track.
This EP is Al'Tarba's occasion to call the ghosts before awaking them in his upcoming album.

The track Hé Garçon is a tribute to his live collaboration with DJ Nixon which is lasting for a year. In facts this one is bringing those scratches that vitalize and give a summer taste to this track.

But Al'Tarba does not forget his first loves, his featuring with DJ Platoon returns to the foundations of this rough and hardcore hip-hop whose flows are harshly making sense.

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