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The Messenger


Andrea and Angelika Cianciolo are brother and sister, and the composers behind French electronic music act 23:31, founded in 2012. Both grew up in Martigues (Mediterranean France) where the constant sun is rivalled by the overwhelming petrochemical industry. Their music is inuenced by bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Dead Can Dance, Depeche Mode or Cocteau Twins.
Angelika & Andrea write sensual, magnetic electropop songs. In the heart of the neon-lit night, they weave an alluring web of synths, vocals and beats, into which temptation is strong to fall and get trapped

The 23:31 debut EP "The messenger" is a perfect blend of melodic and melancholic electronic pop/noise. Filled with massive bass, granular noise and fronted by an hypnotic female voice. A perfect cross over between dierent styles and musical waves.
6 tracks + 2 inspirated remixes from SONIC AREA and HOLOGRAM_

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01 Cloudless town05' 53"
02 The messenger05' 21"
03 Nothing more (nothing less)05' 51"
04 Labyrinthe04' 18"
05 Expectations03' 59"
06 Open pit whistlers05' 42"
07 Labyrinthe (hologram_ remix)04' 58"
08 Expectations (sonic area remix)04' 03"
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