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The Groove Sessions Vol.2


The second part of the adventures of Chinese Man Records and his disciples invades the turntables again !!!From Sao Paulo to Pékin, the Zen spirit adepts will fall for the heavy and insistent bass lines of this new compilation.

After having toured the stages of France with a wild 4-turntables set, the label decided to pleased the wide number of fans with a selection of the different vinyl productions released between 2007 and 2009.

On this new volume, the solo experimentations of Sly, a stop by the filthy underground of the Bay Area with some of the best MCs of the "Fresh coast", and finally the new productions of three-piece Chinese Man.

Chinese Man unveils here many exclusive and unreleased tracks, with Femi Kuti and famous producer Bailé Funk DJ Sandrinho. A kind of second chance for all those who missed the very limited releases of their previous EPs.

WARNING : the vinyl version includes 5 unreleased (tracks by Sly, Leo Le Bug, Le Yan) not included on the CD !

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01 Intro
02 Calling Bombay
03 Sly - Elysean Fields
04 Chinese Man, Cyph4 - Post Trauma
05 Jumpin' in Havana
06 Sly - 7th Street
07 Chinese Man, White Jive - Ordinary Man
08 Ayoyo
09 Chinese Man, Lush One, Plex Rock - Batteries not included
10 Sly - He said
11 Chinese Man, Franco - Our Time
12 Chinese Man, Femi Kuti - Day by Day (Remix)
13 Chinese Man, DJ Sandrinho - Ayoyo Na Macumbinha
14 Outro
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01 Jumpin' in Havana
02 Calling Bombay
03 Ayoyo
04 Chinese Man, White Jive - Ordinary Man
05 Chinese Man, Lush One, Plex Rock - Batteries not included
06 Chinese Man, Cyph4 - Post Trauma
07 Chinese Man, Lush One - Typical Young Boss
08 Chinese Man, Femi Kuti - Day by Day (Remix)


01 Sly - 7th Street
02 Sly - He said
03 Sly - Titanic Part.1
04 Sly - Rap Scholar
05 Leo Le Bug - Le Pudding à l'arsenic
06 Leo Le Bug - Bigger than your mum
07 Leo Le Bug - Bouncefloor
08 Le Yan - The Cluck
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