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The And


Thoughts transmissions, sensations exchanges, affect combinations, vocal and eye encounters, mixes of breaths and gestures... Here is what is at stake on The And, third album by Angil And The Hiddentracks. Following the joyful and poetic sound bustle of Oulipo Saliva, the musical troupe gathered around Mickaël Mottet come back to a more limpid and immediate song-writing, preserving a wide space for melodies. {...} The And pushes further the magic already at work on Oulipo Saliva : turning the beauty of this collective rendezvous into vibrating matter, wave of desire and even pure emotional discharge. In the not so easy art of mutual listening, the members of Angil have reached a new level. Recorded live in studio in the luminous quietness of the Summer of 2009, The And translates into musical lines the edges of a warm space, a friendly circle made wider by the passing vocal accomplices - Françoiz Breut, Raymonde Howard, Jim Putnam (Radar Bros), Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab), Half Asleep, Emma Pollock (Delgados)…

It encapsulates the incandescence of an exchanging moment that can only be unique, fleeting and intense. The And has got something of an snapshot ; but a snapshot with perspective and depth of field. A rough block of present of which the past appears several times all through Mickaël Mottet's lyrics, and justly cast their shadow in a meant-to-be sense of completion. A present constantly warmed up by the light of memories. {...}This record could have been titled The End, but it is called The And. Maybe because between a linking word and an ending word, Mickaël Mottet rather went for the first one. Not forgetting that any kind of link - between now and yesterday, between yourself and the others - is surely the most fulfilling ending a man can ever desire.

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01 Disculpe02' 38"
02 Thelma or Louise?03' 46"
03 Lipograms05' 35"
04 Kira#104' 16"
05 Jackson Jr. Redding02' 23"
06 In the attic04' 48"
07 Sail home05' 26"
08 Kira#203' 37"
09 Unbroken hearts05' 41"
10 Finlande and platform07' 37"
11 Kira#302' 41"
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