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That's why everything burns


The 2nd EP of the german Ex-Industrial rock outfit reaching for a more organic & flowing sound.

The precision of progressive rock, the stoicism of industrial unexpectedly combined with the raw “fuck you” attitude of punk topped off with a lyrical deepness and purity, one has to search for at this day and age, making utopia:banished on the one hand hard to describe but on the other hand the reason they stand out of the uniformity of bands found in those genres today.
They are perfect for people who spend time searching, finding and listening to music that is original and out of the ordinary, but that can still offer melodies and tunes that will stay in your ear long past your listening session.
Think of nine inch nails finally coming to terms with skinny puppy and meeting up with deftones and tool to record music in an old abandoned coal-mining factory that is slowly crumbling down while they perform.

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