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That's the way the cookie crumbles


A 6-track EP full of surprises, both in terms of coherence and narrative..
The opening track «That’s the way the cookie crumbles…» sets the tone straight with its catchy childish melody, carrying in its path a throbbing electro with full power.

The epic «Amaga», more breakbeat, heavy and tense, takes a slight detour towards a military march while «Girl Phonecall = Brain damage» launches its insisting hymn above fat techno kicks. «Ghosts, cats and a whistle» is a transitory track between the dancefloor influences of the first tracks and the more melodic and electronica second part of the EP.

The talent of Miso Soup is also demonsrated in «My porcelain God» or the melodic «Kermit» through the variation of styles brilliantly combining organic and electronic sounds, the frontiers of his own playground. From the most peaceful atmosphere to the violence of a storm, at times Bass music or more narrative and pop, the whole remains utterly playful and efficient. Jump in!!

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