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Emerging from AB production’s degeneration, our three chums spit out all that was difficult to swallow in the 90’s.

An orgasmic, three headed entity, proposing mutant rap, they got noticed thanks to a handful of low-budget video clips as evocative at “SALOPE” (BITCH), “MIAOU” (MEOW) and “LA BAGARRE” (THE FIGHT).

“SALOPE” caused a buzz thanks to both its trashy side and its texts that simply ooze truth, the rest followed suit.


CHARLIE DIRTY DURAN aka The POOR-SIGHTED wheels his baseball bat around, screaming like a hyena on heat. Scary but oh so sexy.

DADDY SHWARTZ aka THE TALL SKINNY ONE, a Dark angle running on whisky, he’s a returning soul who sharpens his blade with verse. Chic & Shock.

LE DIX aka LE PORTOS composes formidable scores and is the man in the shadows providing dark, rhythmic sounds. Producer Beatmaker Sorcier.

The fire that burns within SCHLAASSS is fuelled by Hip-Hop energy, hard-hitting Electro, singing out with all its heart, and the lot is founded on a fundamental base of Rock' N Roll: "screaming obscenities into a mic is a difficult art that simply detests mediocrity". Cultivating paradox, arrogance and poetry, is the mission taken on by SCHLAASSS.

It’s purposely raw and a little bloody, a constant reminder that we’re alive. Anger and laughter. Love and battles. Candy and whisky. Poetry and bullshit.

Always in a Volvo, ‘cos it’s much more fun that way.

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