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Suns Of The Tide


Suns of the Tide is all about the NOW. It is an inspiration to inspiration. This improvisational album is the final product of not two right minds but three not too right minds.

The project puts three musicians with different styles and training into the recording studio without ever practicing a note together. This improvisational project includes Fletcher Stafford, with his pipes and whining axe styling, Cedric Theys, with his melodic bass riffing, and DJ Lion-O, beat-dropper and ambient synth maker extraordinaire. They fuse together compositions without any forethought or preconception on the end result. This album was created from raw emotions, open minds, and listening ears. The songs are from both ends of the spectrum, from slow sad songs, like All Gone, to dance thumpin' instrumentals, like Dance of the Viking, leaving the listener sailing an ocean, on which the waves are controlled by Suns of the Tide.

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