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Deluxe’s latest album is called « Stachelight »: their emblematic mustache comes to life in light!
In order to recreate the energy that defines the band on stage, each track has been recorded live. At first listen, we recognize the « Deluxian » sound in the modern tunes « Bonhomme » (with Nneka) or « Shoes », the album’s single.
But Deluxe has yet to reinvent itself! As confirmed by the songs « Baby that’s you » (with M) and « Seize your day », with new sonorities, radically pop, or « A l’heure oû » (with IAM), the first encounter with french rap ever released by the band! We also discover a great symphonic moment as we enter « My world ». Styles and featurings profuse of great quality; this second album stands on solid grounds!
« Stachelight » marks the come-back of the most mustachioed band of France!

FEATURINGS : For this new album, Deluxe fulfills a childhood dream: invite some of their favorite artists, the ones who transmitted their love and passion for music! Amongst them, Matthieu Chedid. With poetry reminding us of Paul Eluard, he answers to Liliboy in « Baby that’s you ». You can also hear his (oh so recognizable!) majestic guitare solo on « Wait a minute ».
And the celebration doesn’t end here: Akhenaton and Shurik’N, from IAM, ingeniously take over « A l’heure oû » to deliver an ode to music, healer of the world's wounds. Finally the warm and strong voice of Nneka sublimes the unleashed instrumentation of « Bonhomme ». Unimaginable and unhoped for, these collaborations honor the six musicians: deeply moving and enriching human encounters!

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